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Getting Started


To run on CPUs:

$ pip install horovod

To run on GPUs with NCCL:

$ HOROVOD_GPU_OPERATIONS=NCCL pip install horovod

See the Installation Guide for more details.


This example shows how to modify a TensorFlow v1 training script to use Horovod:

# 1: Initialize Horovod

import horovod.tensorflow as hvd

# 2: Pin GPU to be used to process local rank (one GPU per process)

config = tf.ConfigProto()
config.gpu_options.visible_device_list = str(hvd.local_rank())

# 3: Add Horovod Distributed Optimizer and scale the learning rate

opt = tf.train.AdagradOptimizer(0.01 * hvd.size())
opt = hvd.DistributedOptimizer(opt)

# 4: Broadcast variables from rank 0 to all other processes during initialization.

hooks = [hvd.BroadcastGlobalVariablesHook(0)]

# 5: Save checkpoints only on worker 0 to prevent other workers from corrupting them.

checkpoint_dir = '/tmp/train_logs' if hvd.rank() == 0 else None

See the examples directory and API for more details.


To run on a machine with 4 GPUs:

$ horovodrun -np 4 -H localhost:4 python

To run on 4 machines with 4 GPUs each:

$ horovodrun -np 16 -H server1:4,server2:4,server3:4,server4:4 python

See the Run documentation for more details.